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Rev. Kevin Kahmann, Pastor
Rev. Mr. Thomas Dushney, DeaconRev. Rev. Niby Kannai, Parochial Vicar


Saturday Vigil Masses:
4:00 PM & 5:30 PM

Sunday Morning:
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Vigil on the Eve Prior: 6:30 PM
Holy Day - 9:00 AM and 6:30 PM

Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM


Kahmann Sense

Well, the FunFest was a smashing successs!!!!  As I walked around the festival I saw nothing but smiles and everyone having a great time.  The money that’s raised is extremely important to help keep our school top-notch.  But just as important is that the festival provides our parish family, through all of the volunteers, the chance to be the face of Christ to everyone we meet at the festival.  Our happy and smiling faces say to everyone, “We are Mary, Queen of Heaven - come check us out”!!! J 

The FunFest is a huge undertaking and preparations for it begin many, many months before the festival actually happens.  And it’s all worthwhile when everything comes together perfectly for the 3 days of the festival.  A BIG SHOUT-OUT to our committee that coordinates the festival for all of their hard work and dedication to making our FunFest the fantastic event that it is: Damian Weller, Mona McCammon, Matt Gartner, and Matt Summy.

Also, a GREAT BIG thank-you to AAALLLLLL of the volunteers who make our festival such an awesome event.  We couldn’t do it without you!!  It’s a lot of work and also a lot of fun.  A SHOUT-OUT of thanks also to everyone who helped with the work of setting up for the festival the four days before it began as well as the clean-up crew.  Only 356 days left until our next FUNFEST!!! J

Fr. Niby has moved into the rectory and is getting acclimated to life at MQH.  He’ll be celebrating his first Masses this weekend.  Please give him a warm welcome.  We’ll be having a welcoming party for Fr. Niby in the gym next Sunday, July 13th after the 11:30am Mass.  Details about that are in this bulletin.  It’s been over a month since I’ve had an associate that I can bark orders at - I’m gettin’ antsy!!  I’m sure Deacon Michael is tired of being on the receiving end of things I delegate!! J 

We got a new neighbor this week as well.  Fr. Twaddell moved in across the street to be the new chaplain for the Passionist nuns.  Fr. Twaddell is also a professor at Thomas More College.  Please keep Fr. Twaddell and the nuns in your prayers as I know they pray for us.

I’m not much of a soccer fan but I have caught a bit of World Cup fever since the USA made it to the knockout round.  As I write this on Tuesday, we play Belgium so hopefully we’ll pull out a big win.  Go USA!!!! J

Well, the Reds have climbed back into the race after an impressive SWEEP of the Giants last weekend.  They’ve had a fantastic June, so hopefully they’ve put their slow start completely behind them and they’re ready to keep their momentum going for the rest of the summer.  Taking a few from the Brewers this weekend would be a GREAT start!!  Go Reds!!!! J

Peace & grace,

Fr. Kevin





Fridays during Lent!

The Lenten fish fry is held every Friday during Lent (March 7, 14, 21 & 28 and April 4 & 11) from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM to raise funds to offset the parish's financial needs


Funfest!!!! June 27th, 28th, and 29th

The Summer Funfest is a three-day event held in June of each year. The goal of the festival is to raise funds to offset the parish's financial needs.


November 15, 2014 6:30pm-12am

The Knights of the Round Table is a development effort for our school consisting of a dinner, dance, live and silent auctions




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We're using VolunteerSpot (the leading online signup and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming activity. Please sign up for Mary, Queen of Heaven Parish Mission Day - here's how it works in 3 easy steps: 1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/P2tjQw 2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot) 3. Sign up!Choose your spots - VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy! Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.


Caregivers Corner


Will I ever be ready? Will I ever be ready to really let go? We, caregivers, have no idea when our jobs will end. We are not wishing that our loved ones die, yet we see the daily struggles, frustration and pain that they bear. We know that "God, Who has prepared for those who love Him, good things," Collect, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, has prepared a place so wonderful that, "eye has not seen, ear has not heard, and what has not entered into the hu-man heart what God has prepared for those who love Him," 1Corinthians 2:9. That sounds awfully good to me. In addition, Isaiah 56:1 prophesied, "My salvation is about to come." Wow! But he said that a long time ago. We just don't have a clue when to expect it, which means we must always be ready. My loved one was just anointed. He is ready. I guess I best get to confession so I am a bit more ready, too. Please pray for the sick and suffering.









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